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auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? welcome back to "morning joe" and we talk about what you learned. michael, what did you learn? >> i learned that we are on the edge of a potentially huge story with potential ramifications with the catholic church and new pope to be elect ed ined in the concave in the middle of march, and pope benedict resigning and first time in 600 years and enormous story. >> what about you? >> i learned that the last time the pope resigned, mike barnicle was about to get his driver's license. >> 1415 and let me tell you it was hard. >> well, it is like those
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flintstone cars that mike had to move the feet really fast. >> all right. well, very good, and pitchers and catchers today. this is the day you waited for. >> it looks like it out there. >> it has been a long and cold and lonely winter. >> little darling. we will see what happens. if it is way too early, mike, what time is it? >> well, if it is way too early, it is time for "morning joe" but now it is time for our old pal chuck todd. >> all right. take itway, chuck. big breaking news this morning, pope benedict xvith announces he will step down at the the end of the month citing a lack of strength. the 85-year-old's historic decision makes him the first catholic church leader to leave office in 600 years. we could have a new pope by mid-march just before easter. if you think e that the iowa caucuses are complicated, wait until you get a load of the
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college of cardinals. and at home, the president plans to focus on the economy, but what makes this speech different from most years? it has much more the do with what happens in next six week thans the next year. and the family of joe paterno say nas the investigation has flaws on the original report of the sexual abuse scandal and this morning we will talk to one of the authors of the report attorney dick thornburg. from washington, it is february, 11, 2013, and we will go the rome for pope benedict's historic announce ment. let me begin with the first read, and with the focus of gun violence in an inaugural address that laid out the case of progressive values and the push for a transformative next four years, president obama will pivot back to the economy in the state of the union address, and the president will outline
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initiatives on clean energy, climate change, and the usual laundry list that you would expect in a democratic state of the union and it is focused on strengthening the middle-class and things that he previewed in a pep talk after he left last thursday. >> our economy grows when everybody's getting a fair shot and everybody is getting a fair shake and everybody is playing by the same rules. >> president is also expected to cast second-term agenda items from immigration reform to gun control and climate change in economic terms. white house says that every one of the president's proposals will be paid for and will not add to the deficit, and of course, it is how he pays for it that is going to be the debate point. after his tuesday night speech, president obama hits the road for a three-day tour, and stops in asheville, north carolina, wednesday and atlanta on thursday and chicago on friday. and here's what we will make the state of the union different than other presidential
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addresses to congress. it won't just frame the coming year, but the budget battles to take place in the next three to six weeks. it starts with the $85 billion in budget cuts coming march 1st if nothing is done to alter the so-called sequester. according to the white house, the president will continue to press congress on the fiscal issues with tax reform and tax hikes and entitlements and he previewed that message in his weekend. >> there is no reason that middle-class families and small businesses should suffer because washington could not come together and eliminate a few special interest tax loopholes or government programs that just don't work. >> the sequester has turned into a ridiculous blame game. the republicans are trying desperately to disown the budget cuts and rebrand them as the president's sequester. >> and you know, the president is the one who proposed the se quester in the first place. >> and the republicans have proposed a responsible
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alternative to the sequester which is what president obama proposed in 2011. >> this is a presidential suggestion in 2011, an idea. >> the memo went out before the sunday morning shows. and now for paying a political price in recent years the republicans are trying to neutralize the political fallout this time around and the game leverage, and the game leaders insist that tax reform is needed to solve any budget problem. >> the fact is that we have had spending cuts $1.6 trillion in budget control act and what we need is growth. >> do we want to base the spending cuts on reducing medical research in america, and eliminating 70,000 children from head start and we should have half of it from tax revenue and the other half from tax cuts? >> but the leader of the house eric cantor said that it is not raising taxes.
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>> he just got his tack hix hik you can't just keep raising taxes. >> and we will discuss that in the bottom of the hour. and chuck hagel could get a nominee as early as tomorrow, but some members could stage a walkout in protest. committee chairman carl levin is fed up and called the gop for more financial disclosures on an unprecedented letter to jim hoff. and now was he speculating friday and not reporting, but speculating that hagel's adds were 50-50 and those rumors took off like wildfire and sunday lindsey graham said he wants to place a hold on all kinds of nominations, hagel and john brennan, and until the white house gives him a full accounting of the actions on benghazi and the democrats
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immediately fired back. >> did the president ever pick up the phone and call anyone in the government to help these folks? i want to know. i am going to ask my colleagues just like they did with john bolton and joe biden said no confirmation without information and no confirmation without information. >> this is unprecedented unwarranted to stop or attempt to stop the nomination of a secretary of defense and the c ix a drirector. >> i think that senator hagel will be confirm and senators have said privately they will not initiate the first filibuster in history on the secretary of defense nominee. >> and there is a consensus developing about new oversight of the u.s. drone program. with lawmakers in both parties and even former secretary gates getting behind the creation of a oversight court on drones similar to what is done on eaves
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dropping. >> it is making me uncomfortable that the president or whoever it is the pros ecutor, the judge ad the jury and the executioner all rolled into one. >> the president, a politician, and republican or democrat should not decide someone's death by flipping through the flashcards and saying, do you want to kill him? >> we will hold hearings to work on this element of how to mesh the constitutional principles and values with the new mode of war. >> i think that some check on the ability of a president to do this has merit as we look to the longer term future. >> and now the breaking news out of rome, and the vatican. pope benedict the xvith is abdicating at the end of the month. the pope says he has no longer the strength to fulfill the dutes of the office. the 85-year-old pontiff of a leader of more than 1 billion catholics worldwide is the first to resign in 600 years. it is is a move that surprised even his closest confidants.
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you are looking at live pictures of the vatican city where the conclave of the cardinals will convene. they will cast their votes in the cysteisistine chapel and th that a new pope may be elected by the start of holy week march 24th. we are joined by the rome bureau chief, claudio. and claudio, what surprised me the most is the timing of this. i know lots of hints and everybody is looking backwards that he seemed to hint that he would leave before he died in office, but the idea of doing this in the middle of lent. >> certainly nobody expected this. well, this is also the era of the faith meaning that most analysts thought that he will wait until at least next year to make a drastic decision if he was to make a drastic decision at all. nobodycted him to follow ip
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up on the hint in 2012 that if his strength leaves him that he could not perform his duty of the 1.2 billion catholics around the world, then he would resign, but nobody really took that seriously, because i mean, john paul ii, his predecessor was 85 and he could barely walk and speak. he was mumbling and he still didn't resign. and so, a pope has not resigned for 700 years, and so nobody expected really this to happen. and this to happen so soon. out of the blue, without any indications that he would make such a drastic announcement that, that came as a shock to pretty much everybody. he made the announcement in a small congregation of cardinals here in the vatican just behind me, and certainly didn't make a big speech or announcement about it meaning that even as you mentioned the spokesperson was not aware and the closest aides with were not aware so that means that the pope has made a long and thoughtful
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consideration of his strength and he just decided that he does not have it anymore and he wants somebody else to take his place as the leader of the world's catholics. >> all right. claudio lavanya and i know that you have a busy day and month ahead of you and even busier than you thought it would be. claudio, he of course, will be checking in a lot today and goingfogo going forth. and vatican correspondent joining us. he did offer hints that he would maybe not go the same way and perhaps after watching pope john paul ii deteriorate at the end that he would not do the same thing. >> well, chuck, let's begin with john paul ii. i think that john paul ii at the end of his life gave a great christian witness, invited
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people to experience what the church means by the pascal mystery of the life and death of christ and invited people into his own suffering that ennobled all suffering. pope benedict the xvith is a man of conscious. if you read the statement that he made today at the consistery he said he prayed over this and he had come to the view that he could no longer give the church the service it required and tlf as may 28th, at 8:00 p.m., the seat is to be vacated and that means that the college of cardinals should proceed to elect a new pope. as claudio said a moment ago, it is a surprise as to timing but not a surprise to fact. benedict xvith on several occasions and most recently in
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the book "light of the world" indicated if he ever came to the conscientious view that he couldn't give the church what the church deserved, then he would step out of the way. this is a man of real humility here, we have to say. >> and it is clear that he decided to put the best interests of the church ahead of himself when you read that statement, and you can't help but take away that fact. so he, himself, seems to be saying, sending a message to the college of cardinals that you need somebody younger, and you need somebody with energy, and you need somebody who is equipped physically to do what it takes to lead the catholic church in the 21st century. does that mean that unlike the last time when there was speculation to be a younger pope, and it was a surprise when the college picked an older pope that they will go younger this time? >> i think that there is a sense that the demands of the office are such that a man in the full
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possession of his faculties will be needed. we have had elderly popes for some time and they have served the church well, but if the next pope is to take a serious undertaking of the reform and if the next pope more importantly is going to turn the church into the third millennium with a great head of missionary esteem and great sense of evangelical fervor behind it, needs to be a man of great experience and knows how to explain the church's teaching in a hostile and disinterested cultural environment. so we are looking at a different kind of conclave this time around. >> and very quickly, do you expect a non-european pope? >> i think that's a real possibility this time. yes, i do. >> all right.
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george weigel, nbc news analyst and we enjoy to have you on and now we have an excuse to have you on a lot for the next six weeks or as long as this takes. george weigel, always a pleas e pleasure. >> thank you, chuck. other breaking news here, a courthouse shooting that we are keeping an eye on in wilmington, delaware. a spokesman says that three people were shot at the new castle county courthouse, and that a suspect is in custody. two women and a man were reportedly shot and their conditions are not known and we will keep an eye on the story as it develops. we will continue to follow that breaking news, and breaking news out of rome, and a lot of stuff going on here tomorrow, and coming up is the next chapter in the penn state sexual abuse scandal. and the late family of joe paterno calls the investigation fundamentally flawed. and up next we will look at politics planner, and one of the
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the family of the late joe paterno is attacking former fbi director louie freeh's report that the family knew about and hid sexual abuse by jerry sandusky. they say that the lack of factual report for the inaccurate and unfounded
6:20 am
findings related to mr. paterno and its numerous process oriented deficiencies was a rush to injustice and calls into question the credibility of the entire report, and it involves all of the people involved and joe paterno, himself. and now joining me is the man who conducted the review former director louie freeh, and it seems that what is past is past. >> it was a disconnect to hear them discuss ability the family of joe paterno and the investigation by mr. freeh and that we said there would be no result to guarantee -- >> but given that you are doing this on behalf of the paterno
6:21 am
family, how do you know it is independent? >> well, when the people read the report, they will know it is independent, and i treasure my independence, and i won't sacrifice for any client. >> and you go through the report and critique freeh's investigative methods. >> that is right. >> and you are not able to definitively say that the conclusions are wrong, but you are saying that he drew conclusions, and made assumptions where he didn't have all of the evidence yet. >> this surprised me, because i know louie freeh and we worked together in the justice department, and he is a responsible investigator and pr prosecutor and made it more puzzling to me how this report got off track, because it relied so much on the conjecture, on speculation. and the basic thing that you need in a report of this type is facts to back up and support every assertion that was made, and they were not there.
6:22 am
>> i want to read this george wetzel column from "usa today" this morning, and he agrees that there was a rush to judgment on both -- >> we call it a rush to injustice. >> and admits that amidst all of the back and forth joe paterno's situation can be boil down to one question and nothing in the 238-page critique, your report, can challenge the report, and this question, did paterno know that sandusky was investigated in 1978 for touching a local boy in the shower room on penn state university? >> on the record, there was no evidence that he knew of it. >> there is plenty of circumstantial evidence. >> well, this is the point. it is not even circumstantial evidence, but speculation. that is very deleterious when you have something like this. >> and did you attempt to find out if he knew, because it is not easy because he is deceased.
6:23 am
>> no, chuck, we did not reinvestigate this, we critiqued the freeh report, and it is a limited assignment and one that we carried out to the full extent. >> and is this now a lawsuit against penn state or the ncaa or what is the next step with this report? >> well, that is a desthags the client makes and up to the paterno family, and we were engaged for the limit purpose of critiquing the report, and think they the critique, and i must say so myself raises serious questions about the efficacy of the report. >> should there be another investigation? >> may well be. >> and is that what you are calling for that louie freeh's investigation jumped to conclusions, and we have a dispute as to who is referred to as coach in some of the e-mails. >> well, we don't recommend another investigation, but my hope is that people will read my report and try to square it with the freeh report, and one es sen sham fact here that people have largely missed which is that we have a criminal justice process that is going, and sometimes it
6:24 am
is very sloeshgs and i know as a former prosecutor, but because of the fact that it is still an open matter, there is a lot of data and information and evidence that is not available for us, and we couldn't talk to any of the criminal defendants, and many of them have possess vital information about some of the key allegations that underlie the freeh report, but they cherry picked a number of statements and pieces of evidence to put together an aggregate picture which somehow includes mr. paterno and never charged or never even the target of a criminal investigation. >> is it fair though that mr. wetzel writes that the essential question is what did penn state know in 1998? >> well, an essential answer as far as mr. paterno is concerned and that is nothing. there is nothing in the record compiled by the freeh investigators that indicates that he had any knowledge. and what people forget about the 1998 investigation is that it actually was referred to the district attorney. it wasn't covered up or concealed.
6:25 am
it went to the district attorney who declined to prosecute on the basis that there was no evidence there. >> all right. mr. thornburgh, i have to leave it there and thank you for coming on this morning and a busier day than we anticipated. >> you will handle it. >> and still more breaking news out of the vatican this morning and for the first time since the middle ages, and yes, we can write that phrase the pope is abdicating. and after a long week, a look at the guns in america, and a look at the debate over the second amendment and how it shapes the violence of america by guns. and what is the second oldest continuously held sporting competition in the u.s.? the first is the kentucky derby. and we will have the answer and more coming up on the "daily rundown." my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business.
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>> breaking news. we are monitoring reports for a courthouse shooting in wilmington, delaware, and wilmington police confirm that two women and a man were shot inside of the courthouse and one is a security official at the courthouse, and police say they have a suspect in custody which brings us to the awkward transition on the issue of guns as congress considers new restrictions on firearms and gun rights advocates say that there is a hurdle that gun restrictions may not be able to clear and it is called the second amendment to the constitution, and how much of an impediment is it? correspondent pete williams joining me with more on this and nobody is more focused on this than mr. williams. >> chuck, lawmakers once labeled areas they didn't know much about as the terror incognito, and that is how they have described the second amendment at issue as congress looks at new restrictions on gun control.
6:30 am
>> reporter: for gun rights advocates it is an article of faith, and nra's wayne la pierre on "meet the press." >> he will not let people lose their right to arms. >> reporter: and it it is the second amendment, and the supreme court has ruled that second amendment man bans guns in the home for self-defense, because handguns are in common defense and that is why opponents of banning assault weapons like the ar-15 and high magazine guns present a big hurdle to ban them. >> the magazines and the standard size of 11-18 rounds are common use, and the ar-15, the most powerful and best selling rifle in this country for years has pervasive lawful use. >> and some say that invoking common use is not enough to get the gun con e troll laws stru, y
6:31 am
because there is another factor. >> it is not just if they are in common use, but there is a substantial burden on self-defense. these assault weapons are not generally used for self-defense purposes. >> reporter: since the supreme court's decision on handguns the court has issued 400 rulings or more for upholding the laws, but the courts are divided on another issue, can the states ban guns away from the gun owner's property. and there were courts that struck down the right to carry a concealed weapon. but just a month before, another appeals court upheld a new york law that requires a gun owner to prove a special need to carry a gun in public. the supreme court has said that like all other constitutional protections, this second amendment is not absolute, but the courts have only recently
6:32 am
begun to explore how far its protections go, chuck. >> thank you, pete. that is what it is all about, how that second amendment gets interpreted. up next the deep dive into the cuts and the consequences of the looming "s" word, the sequester, and you are looking at live pictures of the vatican where pope benedict made some news this morning saying that he will step down at the end of the month. we will talk to anne thompson about what is to come in the future. i just want to give her everything. [ whistles ]
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[ male announcer ] get investing advice why take exercise so seriously,when it can be fun? push-ups or sprints? what's wrong with fetch? or chase? let's do this larry! ooh, i got it, i got it! (narrator) the calorie-smart nutrition in beneful healthy weight... includes grains and real chicken, because a healthy dog is a playful dog. beneful healthy weight. find us on facebook to help put more play in your day. live pictures of vatican city where pope benedict xvith shocked the world this morning saying that he is abdicating at the end of the month. the pope says he lacks the strength to fulfill his duties and he calls this a great decision for the life of the church. joining me is any colleague anne thompson who has covered the catholic church for years.
6:36 am
ann, the spin steams to be that it is a surprise of the timing, but not a surprise that this is the way that the pope decided to leave? >> well, one of the things that struck me, chuck, about the announcement this morning is that you have to remember that before pope benedict xvi, before he was pope, he was pope rat zenburze the end of the last pope, and he saw the flat footed response of the church particularly in this country, and it is what kind of impact did pope john paul second's response and infirmity have to that? this is a global job and not enough to sit in rome anymore, because this is a church of 1.2
6:37 am
billion people, and most of the growth is coming in africa, asia, and, you know, in the third world. and so, e he understands what it takes to be pope, and clearly he does not believe that he has the physical strength to do it anymore. >> well, his legacy, and it is -- does he have any biography written of him that is not using the word transitional in the first paragraph? >> no, i don't think so. he has been pope only eight years and he was 78 when elected and one of the oldest popes in modern history, certainly in modern history the become pope. i think that he is a transitional pope. the one thing that i think that will happen when they do write the history of his papacy is the outreach to the sexual abuse victims in this country and he did it in a private way. it is a difficult issue for him,
6:38 am
because not only in this country, but the sexual abuse crisis in europe has devastated the church attendance there, and american catholics look like good catholics, because one-third of us go to mass. in europe, that is down to the teens and even the single digits in some places. >> all right. anne thompson, i have to leave it there, and i know it is a busy day for you and now a busy month on the beat there. thank you very much. well, sequester has become a dirty word here in washington, but despite a lot of talk and fi finger pointing, no real progres has been made on avoiding the budgetary time bomb that everybody sent into place. today a deep dive into the cuts that never were supposed to take place and they were to be poison pills designed to force congress the bring down spending to raise the debt ceiling, and it looks like spending will be cut, but not the way anybody wants it to. >> if the sequester is allowed to go on, thousands of americans
6:39 am
in fields like national security, education or clean energy are likely to be laid off. >> i don't like the sequester, and i think that it is taking a meat aex to the government a meat ax to many of the programs and it will weaken our national defense. >> there yu go. nobody likes it. okay. but the ut cuts amts to $85 million spread out over seven months from the beginning of march to september 30th, the end of the fiscal year of 2013, and according to the white house it would take a 13% out of defense budgets and 9% on domestic spending. what is at stake? it is civilian federal agencies to chop their budget by more than 8%, and to do it, they would cut workers and programs. for example on the education front, more than 1 million students could lose title one and head start benefits. and senior meals could all be cut on top of agencies like the ads and the social security, and
6:40 am
food stamps and veterans' benefits, and social security and medicare, but medicaid part d would not. and leon panetta said it could challenge all power. >> i think that clearly i would like to hear something about trying to figure out a way to avoid the se kwquester on the budget which i believe is going to be catastrophic. >> the military has been positioning for months to deal with the cuts, and the d.o.d. is looking to the furloughs for civilians and calling for a freeze on all civilian hiring and slash 18 billion, the military plans to put off training for 3/4 of the force. to make up a $12.4 billion shortfall, the air force may cut off flying and the navy is
6:41 am
preparing to ground the blue angels this year, and the plans to send more troops to the gulf will be put on hold, and they insist there will be no cuts in the war already taking place. and this could slow growth by 1.5% this year, and becoming essentially a drag on the economy. joining us is the former u.s. comptroller, and i know, david, your views of what to get done are well known, but the sequester, the point is to bring both parties together to do something, and now there is resignation on both parties and let it happen and maybe the consequences won't be so bad. where are you on this? >> well, chuck, the reality is that the sequester is much more likely to happen, because of the failure of the president and the congress, both plolitical
6:42 am
parties, to come together to deal with the structural drivers, to deal with known demographic trends, rising health care costs, outdated tax system, and the truth is that we need to focus on the economy, jobs, fiscal responsibility and intergenerational inequity, and the president needs to step up tomorrow night and provide a framework and follow it up with a responsible budget that bridges the political and ideological divides, because the only way not the have the sequester in my view is a agreement on the framework that involves more deficit budget reduction phased in over a long time. >> and we saw some of the blanket cuts taken out of the budget control in 2011 and took place by the end of 2012 and it actually shrank the american economy and by the fourth quarter of 2012 contract ed and did not expand. so, does that tell you that, you know, that we have to be careful on how fast we cut when it comes to government? >> absolutely.
6:43 am
the truth is that we need to be making more targeted investments that are properly designed and effectively implemented to get economic growth up to stimulate more employment opportunities, but what we have to do is to agree on changes in social insurance programs and health care costs and comprehensive tax reform that will address our large and growing structural deficits over time, but phase them in. we need to get the power of compounding to work for us rather than against us, as it is today. >> well, you know the that takes place, and no more spending and you called them targeted investments and republicans said, no, none of those, that is awe of tis off o, and the president is going to call for the targeted investments and has a lot the deal with social skuecurity and medicare and we are at the same place in two years.
6:44 am
>> well, they should listen to the american people, and i have been to all 50 states doing business meeting and college campuses, et cetera, and they are way ahead of the elected officials. they know we are in trouble, and want more investment in the short term and significant spending over time, and they are willing to pay additional taxes if it is done in a fair and equitable fashion which is done through the comprehensive tax reform, and only the president is elected by all of the people, and only the p president residet is the chief executive officer and he can go to the people and follow it up with a framework of the budget proposal to provide more meat on it, and tomorrow is make or break with the president in my view to helping us to achieve a fiscal grand bargain before 2015. >> well, who knows if we will see fiscal grand bargains. thank you, david walker, and american initiative is your view, and thank you for coming on to share your views.
6:45 am
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a great cup of coffee should be easy as one, two... well, just one. new single serve cafe collections from maxwell house now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. always good to the last drop. and now the president has the best chance to address a captive audience before the showdowns of the sequester and the budget and all of those things and will the president come out swinging or coax in the congress to bring them around. and bringing us in is susan page and raj majue and luke russert. and susan, in the last six weeks, it has been about every issue except for the economy,
6:49 am
but after tomorrow night, i am told it is clear, and no, no, they are focussed on the economy. >> well, he has to focus on the economy and how do you do immigration if the economy tanks, and so with that, that is necessary but not sufficient. because this is in a way his last domestic state of the union address. if he is going to make big initiatives on other issues which you know he wants to do, this is the opportunity. a year from now, what are we talking about? the 2016 field and not about him. >> well, probably. you know, although i think that the next state of union will say, this is the last state of the union before the official start of 2016, but right on the doe mesic side. and look, it seems that there are two ways that this state of the union and the two story of the state of union frames and one is the laundry list stuff and the big agenda, and the next is what the next six weeks looks like and the fight up to the sequester, and it seems that the republicans are saying, they are not negotiating and they have
6:50 am
the sequester is going to happen and we will let it happen unless the democrats force us not to. >> well, it is fascinating, chuck, because the republicans on the state of the union expect the continuation of the inauguration speech, and the folks i have talked to -- >> they are not listen. >> they are going to sit there and clap at a few things when ta have to clap, but i have never seen the republicans so dismissive at least on the time i have been on capitol hill ahead of this one. and it is right what you said, the consensus is that they don't like the sequester, but it is not before the for mall government shutdown to push the members who don't want to move away on the cuts from this issue, so maybe a hail mary thing at the end of february if the economy is going to be in dire straits, but for right now, the gop leadership and the house has washed their hands and said, we won't push our members on a difficult vote to cut spending if there is a raise in revenue. >> and i'm curious of your own
6:51 am
repo reporting, because i get the sense if you read between the lines of tom cole, they will let the sequester happen, because they know in three weeks, they can fix it. and it is a phony like, of course, we are brave and let it happen, but because in three weeks the government runs out of money, and we can fix it at the end of march. >> yes, in march, we will talk about the $12 billion per month cut. not talking about the full $1.2 trillion over ten years, and this is a very small fraction of the overall cuts. >> so easy to say yes to now, because you have time to fix it. >> right. and once the members back home start to hear from the folks who have their job, and who are going to be whose jobs will be hit because exquisiters are taking effect and people are realizing the impact, then comes march and they have a chance. >> trivia time. we asked -- what is the second oldest continuous oy led sporting competition in the united states? the answer, you guys nailed this the westminster kennel club dog
6:52 am
show. apparently it's tonight, i'm told. e-mail us. we'll be right back. >> let the pug win once. [ coughs ] [ breathes deeply, wind blows ] [ male announcer ] halls. let the cool in.
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the second sidebar story of tomorrow night will be the spot light for a republican rising star marco rubio. he gives the response to the president. is he the long-term answer the gop has been waiting for? let's bring back our gaggle. susan, you know, these responses say they're fraught with peril, but to me there was a no more often choice. it could have been weird had they gone any other direction. >> so is he the barack obama of
6:56 am
the republican party? he's young, he helps address that are diversity problem, which is a really serious one. he's acceptable to the tea party folks, he talks in a way that is not scary or doesn't off-put people who are in the middle. so he is a guy with some enormous promise. >> but this is style versus substance? right now the republican party's answers to its problems are we're going to change the face, change some of our phraseology, but we're not changing substance yet? >> we're going to wait. >> one more election before we start changing. >> i think for rubio, he'll be able to deliver a good speech. he's been able to prove that time and again like at the rnc last summer. his real test is over immigration and whether he's able to keep the right at bay or starts to rise up, will he bolt
6:57 am
from this negotiation group? >> mean mile there's a rand paul alternative address? >> michele bachmann did it one year, which is marco rubio was the tea party guy, and now -- and it has 20 -- >> paul versus rubio. >> amazing. only in america. >> luke, i'm going to let you go last. >> plug's on the conclave? >> no, norm tight political live will be -- >> and you have to win the recent ricks. >> last week there was a survey asking every member of congress if they owned a gun. what we found is republicans are much better armed than democrats. >> shocking there. >> and for pope mark olet from quebec, strong ties, the prefect of the congress base of bishops. there is no more perfect choice. >> you just ruined his chances.
6:58 am
thanks for watching. tomorrow state of the union day. up next, chris jansing. bye-bye.
6:59 am
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